Having purchased your Mission tricycle, we hope it will give many years of service.

This warranty applies to bicycles, tricycles and framesets purchased new from an authorised retailer and assembled by that retailer at the time of purchase. All claims must be made through the supplying retailer. Tricycles supplied directly by Mission Cycles ltd will have recorded the invoice number at the point of sale for validation.

The warranty against faulty manufacture includes:

  • Frames and Forks guaranteed for 24 months
  • Batteries for E-Mission and E-Volution guaranteed for 6 months. (A battery will last if it is stored correctly. Please read How to care for your battery.
  • Batteries for DiBlasi guaranteed for 6 months
  • Other major components guaranteed for 3 months

The warranty expressly covers faulty workmanship or materials and does not include bent distorted or broken parts arising from misuse or abuse inconsistent with the tricycles intended use and is therefore not covered.

The warranty does not cover items which are subject to immediate wear and tear, such as brake blocks, pads, tyres, tubes, bearings gearing, chains; or improper assembly; corrosion; improper maintenance or installation of components, parts or accessories not originally intended or compatible with the trike sold; labour charges for part replacement or changeover; trikes used for commercial activities, including those in rental or demo. Furthermore the warranty does not cover items against operator error such as accidental damage, abuse, neglect or inadequate maintenance on any part of the tricycle whatsoever, however caused.

The warranty is void in its entirety by any modification of the frame, fork or components.

The warranty is not intended to supersede the owner’s obligation to inspect and maintain the tricycle on a regular basis and to replace worn parts as often as required. It is advisable before each ride to check that nothing is working loose such as pedals, saddle, headset, one-piece crank, bottom bracket lock ring.


The user assumes the risk of any personal injuries damage or failure of the tricycle if used in any competitive events.

The warranty does not cover personal injuries damage or failure of the tricycle due to accident misuse, neglect, abuse or as a result of incorrect assembly not assembled by Mission Cycles.

You are strongly advised to wear a suitable helmet when riding and some form of reflective or bright over clothing for safety.


Please note this warranty relates to Mission Tricycles. For Di Blasi warranty information is included with each tricycle sale. Please contact us if you require further details.