Choosing your Trike

How to choose your perfect trike

No self-assembly

  • Trikes are large, awkward and very difficult to assemble.  All our trikes are delivered to your door, fully built and ready to ride.

Quality parts for a long life

At first sight tricycles can all look similar, especially from photos.  Look for:

  • Shimano gears and Shimano compatible chains
  • Alloy components and rims
  • Stainless steel spokes for durable wheels
  • Tough wearing tyres
  • Powder coated, sturdy frames with a hardwearing finish
  • Good quality brakes

Does is meet your needs?

Size is important

The rider needs to be both safe and comfortable with the correct frame size:

  • Measure your inside leg, from the top to the ground.  Measurements are shown alongside each of our trikes and we have a handy size guide.
  • If you are heavy consider a sturdier trike


Think about how you will use and store your trike, do you have lots of space or do you need to travel?

  • Consider a folding trike if space is tight or you need to transport your trike

Your ability

If you are not very mobile you’ll need to think about getting on and off the trike and consider where you will be riding.

  • Consider a low step over if you can’t raise  your leg very high
  • Consider an electric trike for power assistance

If you have lots of energy and want to ride fast consider an alloy trike:

  • Our Alloy Tribrid has a lightweight alloy frame and blends the best characteristics of both road and mountain bikes into a trike.  It is designed for the faster, more energetic rider.